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They don’t have corona yet.. Scientists explain enigmatic secret of immunity


is estimated American Centers For Disease Surveillance and Prevention, before the widespread outbreak of BA.4 and BA.5 mutants, more than 60 percent of Americans were infected with the coronavirus in late February.

Some were not injured Corona virus Only once, but there are people who have been infected twice or thrice, despite taking vaccines against the infection that first appeared in China in late 2019.

The Washington Post wrote Corona virus It reached people in highly protected circles, such as heads of state, who contracted the virus days before US President Joe Biden, and earlier this year, Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease adviser in the US. .

And some came from safety Virus They don’t like it at all, and the question arises whether they have “super immunity” or whether it’s just a fluke that they don’t get infected.

The newspaper told the people that they had been going out as they wished for a long time and had come in contact with several injured people, but they had survived. sickness Killed millions of people.

Faced with these cases, the analyst clarifies InfectionsEleanor Murray says there is no scientific evidence that some people have “genetic immunity” that protects them from infection.

Researchers believe that some people have been infected with the corona virus, but have not been diagnosed with the infection because they lack symptoms, leading world health officials to believe that the actual number of infected people is higher. Officially registered.

Catherine Wallace, an epidemiologist at the University of Illinois, says some people who have been infected with the coronavirus after surviving the virus for two years feel a sense of defeat or despair, as if they have failed to protect themselves from infection through preventive measures. Distance and masking etc.

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The American expert explains that these people are forgetting an important point, which is that “they are not bad because they failed and picked up the virus, but rather because Alternative genes New – fast spreading – bad.”

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