Friday, June 14, 2024

Bitcoin absorbs the shock of the Ukrainian invasion and jumps 10% in 24 hours


Cryptocurrencies were able to absorb the shock of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and recorded huge gains in the last 24 hours on the violent loss waves that affected it yesterday.

During the latest trade, the combined market value of cryptocurrencies rose 8% to about $ 127 billion, after the total market value in Thursday’s trade rose from about $ 1586.7 billion to about $ 1713.7 billion on Friday morning.

The “Bitcoin” currency came on top of the gain digital currencies, which are trading today at $ 38,432, up 10.5% from the previous hour, compared to a loss of 5.4% during last week’s trading. Its combined market value has also risen to about $ 730 billion.

Ethereum, the second-largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization, recorded a gain of 11.2% in the last few hours, compared to a 10.2% decline in last week’s trade. Its price in today’s trade is $ 2603. Its combined market value also rose to $ 312.3 billion.

Although the “Tezer” coin came in third, its price remained at $ 1, and its consolidated market value stabilized at $ 79.5 billion.

The “BNP” currency came in fourth, recording 7.5% gains in the last 24 hours, and was trading at $ 359.88 in today’s trade, down 11.3% from last week’s trade. Its combined market value also rose to $ 59.5 billion.

The USD currency ranked fourth, with its price hovering around $ 1 in the last few hours and its total market value stabilizing at $ 53.19 billion.

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