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BMW intends to launch 6 models of the “New Class” within two years


After India’s successful moon landing with the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft, the Indian Space Agency is set to launch a rocket to explore the Sun on Saturday.

India’s first space solar probe aims to study the solar wind that can cause disturbances on Earth.

The probe is named “Aditya-L1”, derived from the Indian word for sun, and the rocket is scheduled to launch at 1150 am (0620 GMT).

The solar mission comes after India overtook Russia late last month to become the first country to land on the moon’s south pole.

While Russia had the most powerful vehicle, India’s Chandrayaan-3 outperformed Russia’s Luna-25 to perform the model landing.

The probe “Aditya-L1” is designed to travel about 1.5 million kilometers in four months and reach a parking space in space, where things remain as they are due to the balance of gravity. forces, which reduces the spacecraft’s fuel consumption.

These regions are called “Lagrange points”, named after the Italian-French mathematician Joseph Louis Lagrange.

Indian Space Research Organization scientists said data from the long-duration mission will help better understand the Sun’s influence on Earth’s climate patterns and the origin of the solar wind.

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