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Bodour Al Qasimi emphasizes the importance of the book in bringing the relationship between cultures and civilizations closer – Emirates News Agency.


Sheikh Bodur Al Qasimi, President of the International Publishers Association, Founder and Chairman of the Sharjah, March 27 / WAM / Kalimat Foundation, emphasized the importance of the book in bringing the relationship between cultures and civilizations closer and spreading the values ​​of love. He noted that the need for justice and peace among their people is now greater than ever before as they approach the world of reading to learn about the common denominators that communities share with its human environment. Part of it is incomplete and cannot proceed without understanding and harmony to achieve stability and prosperity.

This happened when he attended the recently closed Bologna International Children’s Book Fair, organized by the “Kalimat Foundation” at Romanoli Primary School in Bologna, Italy, in Sharjah. The guest of honor at the session was to appreciate its position in strengthening relationships with different communities and cultures in the common human base.

Sheikh Bodor Al Qasimi said that in order to help more children access books and sources of knowledge, it is necessary to develop and collaborate with organizations working in the humanitarian, cultural and educational fields and to initiate and implement programs that benefit all children in the world, especially the disabled. To access schools and libraries, the book is not only a means of education and entertainment, but also a tool of hope for children and young people, instilling in them the hope that the future will be bright and full. Fulfilled desires.

The Kalimat Foundation donated to the school administration as part of its “Adapt a Library” initiative, a mobile library of 100 books submitted by the Italian author Elizabeth Tommy, author of the children’s series “The Mouse Geronimo Stilton”. Arabic and bilingual books suitable for students at an early stage, enriching the contents of cultural and knowledge sources as a contribution.

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The Foundation hosted a number of events at the Romanoli School, where Sheka Bodur Al Qasimi and author Elizabeth Tommy read the story “Near My Home” published by the “Kalimat” group in front of several children in Arabic and Italian.

Kalimat Foundation also highlighted its “Adopt Library” initiative, which has provided approximately 2,000 books in Arabic and bilingual (Arabic / Italian) languages ​​since April 2019, 13 libraries, 11 libraries in 2019, and two libraries in 2022. Number of Italian cities, which includes a series of literary, cultural and scientific topics targeting Arab children and adolescents and refugees in Italy.

Amna Al Masmi, Director of the Kalimat Foundation, confirmed that strengthening human relations and friendships with refugees and displaced persons through books is one of the Foundation’s aims to support Arab refugees and displaced children. They preserve their linguistic and cultural heritage outside of their own countries at the same time, facilitating their integration into the communities in which they are located, which contributes to strengthening a positive sense in their souls and creating a generation of achievers. Beneficial to all humankind.

The podium of the Foundation at the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair received significant attention from those working in the field of children’s books and officials from libraries, educational, cultural and humanitarian organizations. They reaffirmed that childhood, its care and education are a common human goal for all nations, to benefit from its experience in providing support to children and youth who are unable to go to schools and libraries due to the difficult conditions their countries are going through. Of the world.

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Founded in 2016, the Kalimat Foundation has empowered 155,749 children over the past five years through a series of initiatives aimed at providing books and reading materials in 25 countries across four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Public schools, schools and public spaces for children in refugee camps and libraries are based on the right to access access to knowledge resources for children in disadvantaged areas within the framework of its vision and to create a knowledgeable, broad-minded and educated Arab generation with attitudes and familiarity with global cultures.


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