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Egypt. . Hearing the noise, he poured petrol on her and set her on fire


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Yesterday, a young Egyptian man died at the hands of one of his neighbors in New Tomita due to a dispute between them. After instructing the person accused of making too much noise, a neighbor next door threw a bottle filled with fireworks and set fire to his apartment.

After the death of the youth, a wave of anger prevailed on social media, with activists launching the hashtag “Right to Mustafa Siraj” on communication sites.

In the details, Tomita’s new city saw a horrific crime in the murder of a university student in the Faculty of Commerce by one of his neighbors, who poured petrol on him and set him on fire.

The young man suffered 95% first-degree burns on all parts of his body, and the student was transferred to the burns department of the Medical Faculty Hospital at Al-Azhar University in New Tomita for treatment. A critical condition, then died within hours of the accident.

The accused has been arrested and the body of the deceased student has been placed in the possession of the public prosecutor.

As news of the incident spread, a young man accused of pouring petrol on a student confessed in retaliation for opposing his sister.

But Mustafa’s friends and relatives confirmed that the late young man had returned home only to sleep after a long day at a restaurant in New Tomita, and that he had neighbors who were involved in the riot and deliberately continued to harass him. Dispute between them.

Until dawn last Thursday, a dispute arose between student Mustafa and one of them, who poured petrol on the apartment and set it on fire.

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For its part, the public prosecution ordered the accused to be remanded in custody for 4 days in advance and charged with premeditated murder, in order to recommend him for a criminal investigation.


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