February 6, 2023

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"Boycott Hollywood" threatens the "Golden Globes" golden age

“Boycott Hollywood” threatens the “Golden Globes” golden age

Tomorrow, Sunday, the winners of the “Golden Globes” Film Awards will be announced during a celebration without stars, red carpets or live television broadcasts. Are these awards still gaining weight or is their golden age over?

Hollywood production companies generally benefit by distributing Golden Globe Awards, and on this occasion benefit from the hype and festive atmosphere of marketing their films and series, but this year they have made a general decision to skip the evening. It’s a pity about the Golden Globes at the moment. “

“If Hollywood ignores these awards, where is it really important? It would not be good, I think.

The boycott came as a result of protests against the practices of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which votes for award winners.

Hollywood has not been paying attention for a long time, criticizing this group of about 100 people who work for foreign publications, accusing it of a series of abuses ranging from corruption to racism. , Last year, opened the door to public criticism, until the “Los Angeles Times” revealed that its members were not black.

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