March 31, 2023

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Morocco approves anti-corona drug "Molnopravir"

Morocco approves anti-corona drug “Molnopravir”

Bouchra Maddah, director of the Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy of Morocco’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, told the official news agency: “Morocco recognizes the urgent use of medicine. MolnopravirThus, it is one of the first countries in the world to recognize this antiviral drug produced by the American laboratory Merck.

Had confirmed Minister of Health of Morocco, Khalid Aid Taleb told local media, “Morocco is preparing itself to receive the ‘Molnopravir’ dose that can be used in the national treatment protocol,” the first dose has been obtained and will be used accordingly. Therapeutic protocol Determined by the Scientific and Technical Committee.

On the other hand, Said Al-Mutawakil, a member of the scientific and technical team for Covid-19 in Morocco, said, “The value of this drug is reflected in its ability to be a drug similar to other corona antiviral drugs.” Pfizer Drugs from China and India reduce the severity of the virus by 50% to 90%, “he said.” It’s not a viable alternative. “

“There will be restrictions on use, and its use will enter the general context in which it is available to the public,” al-Mu’tawak said. Precautionary measures The degree of its protection in addition to vaccine and antiviral drugs.

Lightning Moroccan Ministry of Health As of Friday, there were 6,428 new corona virus infections, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 99,0057, up from 6,050 on Thursday.

On Friday, 13 new deaths were recorded, bringing the death toll from Govt-19 to 14,896.