January 30, 2023

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الملكة البريطانية إليزابيث تقرر مغادرة قصر باكنغهام للأبد

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth Buckingham decided to leave the palace

Following the death of her husband, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II decided to leave Buckingham Palace forever and move to the historic palace in the south of the country, according to British newspapers, the forerunners of social networking sites since Sunday. Last year.

The 95-year-old queen spent most of her time locked up with her husband, Prince Philip, at Windsor Castle in southeastern England due to the corona virus until her death in April last year. )

By this time the couple had rediscovered the joy they had enjoyed together in their early years, and evidence indicates that the Queen will never return to Buckingham Palace in London, and it is believed she has not spent a single night there since March 2020.

The royal palace is currently being re-maintained and restorators are continuing work until 2027, which may be the main reason for the Queen’s change.

“Windsor is the queen’s place where she has fond memories of Prince Philip, where her horses are, and her family is nearby,” said royal historian Hugo Vickers. He stays in the castle close to his two children, Edward. And Andrew, who lives there, region.

In recent months, the Queen has returned from Windsor Castle to complete her duties and functions after being freed from the corona virus, which includes virtual encounters and personal encounters with personalities and officials.

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