February 6, 2023

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British International Security Council Awards 2021 “Dubai Rhodes” crowned “Best Team” – UAE – News & Reports

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai alone won the “Best Team” award at the British Security Council International Security Awards 2021, including the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, India and Europe and the Middle East. .

In addition, the International Security Awards received a special rating from the British Security Council in recognition of its commitment to the power to maintain the health and safety of workers and the workplace in 2020, making it one of the 86 institutions in which the International Safety Awards receive excellent quality in 2021.

Nada Jasim, Director, Safety and Risk Management and Planning, Department of Strategy and Corporate Governance at RTA, said: “Winning international awards always brings joy and confidence. And are committed to agility policies, and we make every effort to protect the health and emphasis that the values ​​of safety, health and safety of our employees and our organization will be an absolute priority in all our work.

Celebrating its 63rd anniversary, the British Security Council recognized last year’s global organizations for their commitment to the prevention of occupational injuries and disease, as well as for their commitment to organizations that have demonstrated commitment to mental well – being and health at work.

During this cycle, 532 global companies submitted international defense awards from various companies and sectors (significant representation from the construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, energy and utility sectors).

Michael Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of the British Security Council, congratulated the RDA on its success: To protect their employees and workplaces from injury and disease. Professional. “

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Robinson added: “The British Security Council’s vision is to prevent occupational injuries or illnesses while working anywhere in the world.

He added, “The long list of winners of the International Security Awards confirms that many companies recognize that healthy health and safety risk management promotes business growth that benefits not only employees but also companies and the community in general. In addition, the 2021 International Security Awards and the British Defense Celebrating the Council’s 387 winners over six decades, it has adopted this approach to improve health and safety standards around the world, prioritizing the health, safety and well-being of staff.