May 28, 2023

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By order of "Captain" Honey Sehgar .. Hama Becca's "For Women Only" Concert Canceled - Our Life - Celebrities

By order of “Captain” Honey Sehgar .. Hama Becca’s “For Women Only” Concert Canceled – Our Life – Celebrities

At one of the beaches designated for women in the Marina area off the north coast of Egypt, a band of musicians blocked a concert that was scheduled for Saturday, just hours before the concert of festival singer Hamu Bega. Recently sparked controversy.

The conditions of the ceremony designated for the beach came, they should not be allowed to enter only men and women, and the prescribed dates for the ceremony should be observed and precautionary measures should be followed to prevent the growing corona virus.

The cancellation of Hama Beka’s concert came on the orders of a syndicate of music industries led by artist Honey Sehgar, as the festival singer had not received official permission from the union to perform before he could perform any concert. To prevent him from singing.

The head of the music industry’s syndicate, artist Honey Sehgar, has issued an official statement against Hama Becca and concert organizers.

Official evidence from the union pointed out that Bega had not given him any permission to sing and that the concerts he had performed in the past had violated the law and the rules of duty.

The union has written a statement against Homo Peca, reviving the parties without permission to do business, and the Union Council will soon decide on his permits in the coming days.

Hama Bega revealed how he renewed concerts in defiance of his ban because he gets daily permission from the union before performing any concert for him. The date has not yet been determined.

In his first reaction to Homo Becca, he ignored the ban, canceled the concert, and released a film with young artist Marihan Hussein.

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