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Burj Al Arab in Dubai


This iconic hotel, hastily presented by Dubai as the “Eiffel Tower” of the Emirates, is known for its incredible luxury. We take you on a white Rolls Royce (even on a helicopter) which only has cabins … we tested the orgy. Overall rating: 7/10

Its strong point: its reputation is 9/10

This is the symbol of Dubai. The only 7 star hotel in the world. The devil! Will the diamonds fall from the chandelier at a certain time? In fact, it was a journalist’s formula (never stingy with exaggeration) uttered at the 1999 inauguration, which hit the nail on the head. Burj Al Arab did not take it for granted, but let’s just say …

Here, it is presented as the Arabic equivalent of Gustav Eiffel’s Parisian building. Compared to the Sydney Opera House for example it would be so beautiful. For its magnificent architecture. Because this brave boat built on an artificial island can be seen from a distance, but also admired up close. On the condition of staying there. There is only one road and you can’t reach the hotel to visit it. But it may be the night it takes on its full dimension. When its facade glows in many colors and turns it into a dazzling lighthouse.

Rooms: Double minimum 6/10

There are only 202. That’s not much for a building of this size. 142 one bedroom, 28 double, 18 panoramic, 4 clubs, 6 diplomatic, 2 presidential and 2 royal rooms. Once you enter it, you understand that you will not stumble. This is obvious. Like the harmony of colors. We will not cut mew, midnight blue, yellow and of course gold. It is everywhere. It catches the eye, including “simply” admiring the view of the ocean from the huge bay windows. We are a little surprised about furniture that is a bit “antique”. But above all, the hotel has been around since 1999. Upstairs, your bedroom. Same price (, 500 1,500), same penalty. Even there, a luxurious bay window, unfortunately slightly crowded by a thick TV cabinet, would spoil the view a bit. You can also choose his option by reflecting himself in the large mirror above the bed. A larger bathroom than many Parisian apartments.

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Lay Service: Hmm 5/10

Each site has its own butler. Definitely helpful, but not always when needed. When one evening of the Champions League semi-finals refuses to use the television screen, for example not so seriously. Let’s call the desk before solving the problem. We are looking for the phone. Find a tragic plastic case that never went wrong in an American motel. The better. It is missing the small card with access numbers for various hotel services. Usually it is 9 per reception. Good to know. But for room service it is more complicated. We wonder, once ready for the evening room, to find his shirt as it was thrown 3 hours ago. Rushing in an armored chair. Tito to Sox. As for the “little chocolate” placed on the bed, you don’t like it. Even its “bad” packaging in a bad cardboard box promises the firm’s position. Like a plate of “tired” oriental pastries that we have kindly arranged for your visit. Very incomprehensible. Apart from talking to the new hotel manager Ermano Janini, Burj Al Arab 1 with his Italian eleganceTime Version lived. It needs to renew itself. Especially retain the uniqueness of its exceptional building, but recreate itself to meet the luxury codes now in place. “We should not take advantage of the opportunity to come to Dubai and stay in Burj Al Arab. We will come here for Burj Al Arab because it will be one of the most beautiful hotels in the world and we will have the opportunity to see Dubai. This is his ambition. Give him the interior design he wants to show more involvement in the culture than the building.

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Table: Wide selection 8/10

There are 6 restaurants, including Skyview. Al Mundaha serves Western cuisine with a menu designed to not offend anyone: King prawns, pumpkin and caviar, Australian angus steak, tuna tacky … but this is at SAL, the most trendy restaurant in Infinity Pond, where you should look. Immature Mediterranean-Italian cuisine. And especially appreciate the “feet in the sand” table.

Instagram points:

You can see Burj Al Arab glowing after dark at any point in the city. Before you get there, you can see that it is a bit kitsch in the photo. But in that place, it’s simple: beautiful. Not to mention the infinity pool.

Number: 321 m.

This is equal to the height of the Eiffel Tower. Besides there are 18 lifts to go up here.

We would like to take with you:

One of the hotel’s white Rolls Royce Phantoms. Other than the fact that you don’t get into it every day, you really feel like the Queen of England. We are sorry for the short trip to Airport-Burj Al Arab (15 million …)

Experience to try: Jet pack

To think of yourself as James Bond, you have to try it. That’s the word. Because it is easier to see than to do. Get out of the water and soar in the air. Built in a suit folded in 2 metal frames, you are attached to a jetsky, which provides water under pressure. Under the penalty of converting a drone … into a submarine, it is important to find the point of ascent equilibrium.

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Price: Out of category

From 1500 euros


Any breeding is prohibited

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