June 3, 2023

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By law, the female elephant is not a “happy” legal person

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The Supreme Court of the State of New York in the United States has ruled that a female elephant named Happy, although very “intelligent”, is not a legal person and therefore cannot enjoy human rights and put an end to the moral war. It is legal.

The Non-Human Rights Project, Animal Welfare Association, sued in New York, demanding that Happy be transferred to the Elephant Sanctuary from the Bronx Zoo where he has lived for 45 years.

This female elephant, with advanced intellectual abilities, was considered “largely independent” in her actions, emphasizing the need to be recognized as a legitimate person entitled to freedom. However, the New York Supreme Court, in a judgment written by Chief Justice Janet DeVore, insisted that this right “does not apply to happiness.” That decision made it considered “a non-human animal, and not a person subject to illegal custody”.

The judge said a decision in favor of Hopi would confuse “the relationship between humans and animals.”

Two judges reserved this decision, which reflected American sympathy for the animal issue.


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