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Hacking a ban on WhatsApp


How To Hack A Block On WhatsApp is a question that all WhatsApp users are looking for, and if it is a satisfactory and reliable replacement, the best way to connect with WhatsApp is to communicate with friends, so whenever you are subject to temporary restrictions and restrictions on your account for use, it is annoying and we quickly We are starting to look for a quick solution that will allow us to communicate without stopping, so every person should have strong services and capabilities on his phone. Expressing this experience will help you break the barrier on WhatsApp and easily overcome the crisis and solve the problem without any hassle or expense.

The benefits of the WhatsApp application and its spread worldwide

Before talking about today’s topic, how to solve the ban violation What is the matterWe will talk about the importance of this application and what makes everyone stick to it to this extent, so we will review some of the benefits of the application as follows: –

  • With the WhatsApp application, users can send multiple text messages to other users because it is all free without worrying about the size of the words or the length of the message.
  • This application has a powerful and amazing capabilities in terms of protection from fake or fake accounts.
  • The application supports all operating systems such as tablets running Android and iOS systems or the previous two systems, and later Nokia devices, Windows devices and other systems.
  • The application is completely free from annoying ads and this is the best feature to calculate.
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Hacking a ban on WhatsApp

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Steps to make sure someone stops you

When you are shocked that you have been banned from using WhatsApp, we must first confirm it before resolving the issue of how to break the barrier on WhatsApp, and this will be via the following steps:

  • Look at this user’s profile picture and check if it’s empty.
  • Check what you saw last time, because when someone stops you, you will not see what they saw last time in the app.
  • Check the status of the user and if you do not see his status, it means that this user has blocked you.
  • Try sending a message to this user. If two ticks appear next to it, it means that you are still friends, but if it is only one tick, it tells you that your ex friend has unfortunately stopped you.

If all these symptoms appear together, it clearly indicates that this user has blocked you from using the WhatsApp, and it makes you think about the next step, namely how to hack the block on WhatsApp.

How To Unblock WhatsApp

The steps to learn how to hack a block on WhatsApp are very simple and easy, all you have to do is follow the steps below: –

  • Write the phone number of the person who blocked you from the application elsewhere, and then delete it from the contacts.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select the (Chats) icon.
  • Select the option (Backup Chats).
  • Click Backup in the Google Drive application.
  • Select the icon (only when you click on Backup) then click on the Google Apps account and select its Account option.
  • Click the backup icon.
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Hacking a ban on WhatsApp
Hacking a ban on WhatsApp
  • Go to the Settings menu and delete the WhatsApp account – then select the Account icon – then select Delete your account.
  • When a new window appears in front of you, enter the user’s mobile number and press red (Delete Account).
  • Go to the Phone Settings menu, then go to Applications, then click on the WhatsApp icon, then click on Location, and then on the Clear Data icon.
  • The last step is to reactivate his account on WhatsApp, recover his personal account and sign in again – then click Next to show you all previous chats and conversations.
  • In the end, you should add all the contacts, add the number of the person blocking him from the phone contact list and try to send him a message.

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