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Bye in August, Marquez’s new novel

Released on his tenth anniversary

Thursday – 14 Shawwal 1444 AH – 04 May 2023 CE Issue no. [16228]

Madrid: Shawqi Al-Rayous

Fans of Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez’s literature are on a date with a new novel that will be published around the 10th anniversary of his death these days, early next spring, according to his heirs. His two sons; Rodrigo and Gonzalo.
Talks about a novel titled “Boy in August” and it is 150 pages long, which the author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” has not finished, and it will be published by “Penguin Ronson House” in all Spanish-speaking countries. , except for Mexico.
The novel consists of 5 separate stories, forming a cohesive unit. Its heroine is an educated woman on the brink of old age, Anna Magdalena Bach, still very beautiful, who travels to a small island every mid-August. To say that her mother’s resting place is in a pauper’s grave, it contains details of her passionate adventures with lovers, “in secret from her husband.”
It is noteworthy that information about this text was first mentioned in 1999 when Marquez read one of the five stories at an evening organized by the “America House” in Madrid and announced that it “will be the starting point”. His new novel will soon see the light of day.
He rewrote it several times, and before depositing the text with his papers at the Harry Ronson Center at the University of Texas in 2004, said he was “completely satisfied with the novel’s heroine’s approach to the crisis.” , which acquired his entire material legacy. But his publisher said a year after his death that he was not satisfied with the final result of the novel.
Marquis’ new novel, 10 years after his death

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