May 26, 2022

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Zahrat al-Khaleej - Sham al-Tahabi spends his honeymoon in the Alps ... More Yasmin Sabri Connected

Zahrat al-Khaleej – Sham al-Tahabi spends his honeymoon in the Alps … More Yasmin Sabri Connected

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It is clear that Sham al-Tahabi, the daughter of Syrian star Asala Nasri, is having a wonderful time in the snow in the Swiss Alps with her husband, Egyptian businessman Ahmed Hilal, as part of a trip to Switzerland. Their honeymoon according to a group of photos posted by Sham on his account on Instagram.
The pictures Sham shared of his first appearance via “Instagram” after his wedding showed some details of the couple appearing while eating at more than one location and skiing in the snow. “Butrods Palace” is a photo taken in front of the hotel.
She also described some of the best love pictures that Sham and her husband lived in, which appeared in more than one film while they were in his arms, and al-Tahabi commented on those pictures: “My life has just begun with you. For a life full of permanent adventure, laughter and good food.”

These photos documented the great joy that Sham and her husband lived during their journey that began a few weeks ago, which made Sham’s followers greatly interact with these images, wishing them well and wishing them well in their future lives.
Among those who commented on the pictures, Egyptian star Yasmin Sabri also wrote a comment saying that the pictures are very beautiful, as well as Syrian star Jumana Murad, and wished them happiness.
Sham al-Tahabi performed at a wedding in Cairo on Friday, March 25, in the presence of big stars, dressed as Nicholas Zibran.
Four days after the wedding, the bride’s mother, Syrian star Asala Nasri, released a video clip of the song “Aman Aman” that she sang for the occasion, and the video clip contained footage of Sham’s wedding. Ahmed Hilal.

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