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“Calfoot” live visit November 7-9


Dubai: “Gulf”

Calfoot Manufacturing, the largest exhibition for the food and beverage industry, its processing, packaging and logistics services in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, has launched this year’s exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center. 7-9 November, with a large international presence from 55 countries. The exhibition is expected to reach out to the audience live through digital broadcasts and to witness the wider interaction with its arrival.
Approximately 1,250 exhibitors will be participating in the exhibition, which is an essential part of the economic diversification efforts in the United Arab Emirates, providing the latest solutions and technologies that will shape the future of the industry. Calfoot production comes after the country launched the “300 billion project” in March this year, an ambitious project aimed at doubling the share of light and heavy industry in GDP in ten years, by 300 billion dirhams ($ 81.6 billion) by 2031.
The 2021 edition will highlight the most important issues facing the sector, including sustainable packaging solutions, automation and challenges facing the global supply chain for the food and beverage sector.
Commenting on the topic, Trixie Lohmirmond, Executive Vice President, Event Management, Dubai World Trade Center, said: “Calfoot Production offers participants and participants an exceptional opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations that are redefining the food industry around the world., Robotic Packaging Solutions and Innovations Production Including components prepared with solutions. “
The exhibition supports smart innovations in the food and beverage industry this year, which is clearly reflected in the arrival of the industry’s most important specialty brands, which seeks to invest in the exhibition as a platform to shape the future of the industry, facing challenges. And the demand for automation is meeting increasing rates.
Global food industry
The launch of the Food Technology Valley Initiative in Dubai, which aims to triple food production in the United Arab Emirates, has helped to strengthen Dubai’s position as a pioneer in the sector’s renaissance. Luo Mirmand confirmed that the Gulffoot Production Exhibition will contribute to changing the parameters of the industry as a whole.
He added: “Themes such as food self-sufficiency, sustainability and resource security have been at the forefront of the industry’s agenda for many years, but they are now increasingly important in light of the global health crisis, especially in light of the supply and logistics challenges and the recent global climate challenges. In addition to the updated consumer orientation after the onset of the crisis, it will know the origin of products and their components and growing trends towards healthy eating patterns.
He explained: “Calfoot Production 2021, the only global event to take place in the manufacturing sector this year, addresses all these topics in a healthy and safe environment because it attracts key stakeholders in the industry, especially those interested in the industry’s activities and development. Preparing it to keep pace with the new reality of focusing on practices and consumers.
Returning with thought
The list of exhibitors, which includes leading companies in the manufacturing, food processing and packaging industries around the world, includes the trend of using interactive robots and laser machine vision devices used to check the dimensions of packages to highlight the latest developments in production. Visitors to the exhibition will learn about many innovations through innovative tourism at Calfoot Manufacturing.
Schneider Electronics, GEA, Krones, Cargill Tate, Lyle, Multivac and many more have ensured the wide participation of the largest companies in the industry.
AIPAC Packaging Company, based in the United Arab Emirates, specializes in the manufacture of sterile packaging products for milk, fruit juices, cheese, tomato paste and other products, and thoughtfully returned to the exhibition and appreciated the excellent opportunities to meet. Challenges Facing the Department.
In turn, AIPAC’s head of sales and marketing, Robin Risk, said: “After the Covit-19 crisis, Gulffoot production is again more important than ever, especially as it offers a better opportunity to meet and respond to many challenges. Emerging trends through the latest review make the most secure packaging material on the market. We expect this event to be a great success and hope to connect with many potential partners in a safe and prosperous environment.
For its part, SIG Middle East, a leading provider of aseptic packaging systems solutions, believes that areas such as digital transformation, emerging trends and consumer demand have given industry more space to express innovations during their participation. Calf Production 2021.
In this regard, Abdul Ghani Al-Adeeb, Chairman and General Manager, SIG Middle East, said: “We see the Fourth Industrial Revolution solutions and digital transformation on the rise. These trends mark the beginning of a new phase of digital operations that will improve transparency, efficiency and consistency, as well as the manufacturing process. Maintenance is one of the most important digital trends, representing a market that could reach $ 11 billion by 2022, an increase of 39% from 2017. The highly anticipated integrated console provides a digital solution capable of changing all aspects of bottle operation. Plants. “
Supply chain
The Intelligence Exchange Program will include a food technology summit, innovative trips, food-to-workshops and affiliate program in conjunction with the Gulfut Production Exhibition.
It is noteworthy that 3 special events have been launched in one place in conjunction with Gulfut Production with the aim of meeting all the requirements of the food sector supply chain system, namely the Middle East Private Branding and Licensing Exhibition, its only exhibition. Kind in the Middle East and North Africa; YUMEX Middle East, the region’s largest dessert and snack exhibition and specialty food festival, the region’s most popular best food exhibition.

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