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Dubai Police Academy candidates attract attention


Expo 2020 Dubai: Gulf
Candidates from the Dubai Police Academy, while participating in the Expo 2020 flag-raising ceremonies in Dubai, celebrated the national events of the participating countries due to their accuracy, professionalism, discipline and high commitment. Complete them.

Under the guidance of the Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Mari and under the guidance of Maj. Gen. Dr. Mohammad Ahmed Bin, the Dubai Police General Command was issued to 10 candidates, including 5 women. Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Education and Training Affairs Fahd and Director of the Dubai Police Academy Major General Dr. Keith Ghanem Al Suwaidi, at Expo 2020 Dubai, gave them the confidence to play this important role ahead of Dubai. Special guests of the country, including presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, ambassadors, embassies and many more.

Colonel Abdul Aziz Mohammad Amin, Director of Student Affairs, Dubai Police Academy, said: World Exhibition. “

Colonel Abdul Aziz Mohammad Amin confirmed that the team has joined the start of Expo 2020 Dubai operations; He flagged off the official inauguration ceremony, which was attended by Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Crown Prince of Abu Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan. Tabi and Deputy Supreme Commander The Armed Forces, many dignitaries and guests from around the world, in the presence of millions of spectators at the ceremony.

Ethical application

According to Captain Khalid Al Shamsi, head of the graduate department at the Dubai Police Academy and co-ordinator of the Expo 2020 Dubai flag hoisting team, he pointed out that all candidates were trained on a daily basis based on the application of the approved “official protocol”. Through the Dubai Police General Command, raising the Mastil flag, and how to organize the flag and fold it professionally, this reflected their high level of performance in representing the Dubai Police in the best possible way and demonstrated the level of their commitment, discipline and precision.

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Captain Al Shamsi, at this global event, commended the candidates for their interest in carrying out all orders and instructions that fall upon them with high expertise because of their belief that they represent their country and their affiliated organization.

Raise the flag

For his part, the flag-raising team expressed their delight and pride at participating in the global event, and candidate Hamid Tareem spoke about his pride and pride in participating in the flag-raising ceremonies at the national events held at the Hameed Expo 2020 Dubai. This is an important opportunity for him to represent his native UAE in the global event and to highlight the skills and levels of education and training he has received at the Dubai Police Academy.

Candidate Dima Mohammed Talib said he was on the verge of graduating from the Dubai Police Academy and chose to take part in the flagging team at the Expo, much to his delight because of his desire to serve his country.

In turn, Mahra Suleiman Al Balushi thanked the Dubai Police General Command and the Dubai Police Academy for the opportunity to be one of the contributors to the success of the major global event Expo 2020 Dubai events.

Candidate Khalifa Ahmed Hassan stressed that gaining vital experience in implementing flag-raising protocols and participating in flag-raising ceremonies from the very beginning of the exhibition has given more practical field experience.

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