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Call of Duty 2025, the next part of the shooting series, will continue the events of Black Ops 2.


Many sources have talked in the past that the next part of the popular shooting series Call of Duty 2025 will be called “Gulf War”, but a reliable and informed source confirms that it will be a sequel to the popular part Black Ops 2.

Quoting from well-known insiders and leaks Tom HendersonThe next installment of the Call of Duty game, set in 2025, will be codenamed “Saturn” and will take players back to the future, not a future full of fantasy machines and laser weapons, but the future, the source confirmed.

We know that the last part of the Black Ops series was released in 2018, titled Black Ops 4, and it received a lot of criticism because it did not release a campaign or a “story” phase, but was created by a partnership between Treyarch. and featured a stage called Phenox and Black Out, a massive battle royale experience in the style of Black Ops combat.

Hondros In his new report via Insider Gaming, he confirmed that Call of Duty 2025 is currently in development, and that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is set to take place in 2030, making it a direct sequel five years later. And will have completely new maps.

With this information, we expect many favorite heroes to return, such as Alex Mason, and he will face a new villain after Menendez’s death.

We remind followers that the site Windows Central We have previously shared new details about the next title in the shooting series or confirmed the veracity of several past reports published in 2022, indicating that the events of the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops game will take place. In the Gulf War.

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If this information is officially confirmed, the match is expected to take place Modern Warfare 3 The current version contains Gulf War content, instead of a standalone game, and was not originally part of the developer’s plans.

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