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Call of Duty Warzone scammers face God Mode rivals in latest anti-fraud attempt • Eurogamer.net


Call of Duty Warzone scammers face God Mode rivals in latest anti-fraud attempt • Eurogamer.net

“Although Sid-Fight is not a magic bullet, it is a war we are determined to fight.”

If you find a traitor in the lobby, Call of Duty Warson now offers God mode for all PC players.

Described in a new post about the game Official BlogThe anti-cheating team has tested a reduction technology called “damage shield”, which disables a cheat’s ability to inflict great damage on other players – it has now been released worldwide.

“This relief exposes the cheat to real players and allows them to gather information about the #TeamRICOCHET cheat system,” the post explains. “Regardless of capacity, we are monitoring these encounters to ensure that the game does not have the option to use damage shields randomly or accidentally.

“To be clear, we will never engage in gunfights among law-abiding members of the community.”

The group also claims that there are “direct and sophisticated” protections, and that the group believes there has been a decline in fraud reports, although it acknowledges that “the work has never been completed”.

The post goes on to say: “As time goes on, cheat developers are trying new ways to try and profit from the game.”

“Some have succeeded, many have not. The recent increase in betrayals is not as great as it was during the Vertansk period, but according to our data, any increase is disappointing. Our team is constantly monitoring and will continue to make every effort to prevent and combat it whenever possible.” We’re committed. “

The second season of Warzone Pacific and Vanguard is approaching – with new map locations and space updates, as well as new Warzone scenarios and events.

To do Everything you need to know about Warzone Season 2 We have brought it to you, including its release time.

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