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Giant Starship Elevator Finally Tested by Astronauts Science


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts board the elevator of the giant Starship spacecraft in their spacesuits during the final stages of production to simulate the space environment as the US space agency seeks to revive human activity. Moon in the next few years.

Under the concluded partnership agreement, the aviation and space transport manufacturing company “SpaceX” is responsible for the development of the Starship spacecraft that will land astronauts on the surface of the Moon. the moon

According to the initial plan, the astronauts would remain inside the Starship spacecraft on the surface of the Moon for seven days, and during that period there would be some activities in which the astronauts would land themselves on the surface of the Moon via designated elevators. For this purpose.

And he came Design of elevators for personnel transportation All the equipment and machinery from the spacecraft to the surface of the moon have recently been subjected to extensive tests on its mechanical ability to respond to all the functions assigned to it and the astronauts. It will play an important role in the mission to return to the moon, the height of the spacecraft is 50 meters, which is approximately 15 stories high.

The elevator has plenty of space for transporting machinery and equipment, and has an easy-to-use control panel that allows the astronauts to control it smoothly and efficiently. falls down.

NASA officials point out that the importance of this test is not only to test the elevator's performance, but also to give the astronauts a sense and similar experience of the machinery and nature of working on the lunar surface.

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With the Artemis 3 mission, NASA aims to send the first manned crew to the moon after the longest hiatus since the Apollo program that saw the last two astronauts land in 1972. And given the fierce competition over the past two years, it will take years for SpaceX and Blue Origin to secure a contract to build a spacecraft. A major delay has pushed the landing process to 2027, instead of next year as planned, in SpaceX's winning mission to the moon.

As for the manned Artemis 2 mission, it is due to take place later this year and will see 4 astronauts sent into orbit around the moon in preparation for the next mission if things go as planned. .

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