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Camel owners turned out in large numbers to take part in the “Masaina Sweehan” event.


The 15th session of the Al Tafra Festival, organized by the Cultural and Traditional Festivals and Performance Group in Abu Dhabi, was attended by a large number of people from camel owners from Mazayna Sweihan, United Arab Emirates and Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Abu Dhabi will continue until November 4 in the city of Sweihan in the Al Ain region of the United Arab Emirates.

The organization of the Al Tafra Festival, which began yesterday and will continue until January 22, 2022, coincides with the launch of Fifty Projects because it is a qualitative change that reflects the advanced thinking of the brilliant leadership in creating a safe roadmap. And the economic and tourism climate that attracts investment, and improves the capabilities and status of Abu Dhabi and the Emirates and economic, social, cultural and heritage, and is a global destination for future businesses with world-class infrastructure.

The organizing committee of the Sweehan Festival on the 15th of Al Tafra Festival crowned the winners of the 5 rounds of Shriya and Al Dalat for the Sons of the Tribes, in the presence of Isa Saif Al Masroui, in the presence of Vice President Issa Saif Al Masroui. The Management and Cultural Events and Festivals Management Committee in Abu Dhabi, Obaid Kalfan Al Masroui, Director of the Planning and Planning Department on the Group and many other senior owners of camels in the UAE and Gulf Cooperation Council.

The results of the Mafarid Sharia series for the sons of the tribe, Raisi (symbol 1) Majahim, won first place over its owner Muhammad Saleh Mujran al-Amiri and secondly its owner-owned scarf. Kalpan Mohsen Hameed Hafiz Al Masroui is in third place with Hayafa, its owner Mohammed Saeed Kalban Al Mansouri in fourth place, its owner Mohamed Saeed Kalban Al Mansoori and its owner’s meeting in fifth place. Saleh Mohsen Saleh Al-Minhali.

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In the Mafrate Sharia series for the sons of the tribe, the main (symbol 2) – Majahim, a rare one, won first place by its owner Sultan Abdullah Musayeed Saeed Al-Mansuri, and in second place a scarf came to its owner. Mohammed Saleh Mujran al-Amiri was third, Fasa its owner Hadeef Baqid Rashid Salem Tribesh al-Mansuri, fourth place the ruler, its owner worm partner, Sweet Mubarak al-Amiri and fifth place its owner Eid Hammood Salmin Hamid al-Mansouf.

In the Majaheem round, the arrogance of its owner Muhammad Ali Shinde al-Mansouri won first place, followed by its owner Yafour Quran al-Nubian Masina al-Amri in second place and Paper in third place. The Emirate of Salem Mohammed Fahd al-Qaidani al-Marri, its owner from Saudi Arabia, was strange to its owner Mubarak Baqit Mubarak al-Minhali in fourth place. In fifth place is the seat of its owner Saeed Mohammed. Saleh Awad Al-Menhali.

In the Mafert Talat race for the sons of the tribe 2 – Majahim, al-Harra, owned by al-Fendi Kamis al-Fondi Ghanem al-Masroui, won first place, and was distinguished by its owner. Ramis Salem Saleh Saeed Al-Minhali, its owner Muslim Baqid Hamad Baqid Al-Amri’s Debesh, its owner Muhammad Salem Hamuda Muhammad al-Menhali in fourth place and its owner Hamad Saleh Abdullah Hassan al-Menhali in fifth place.

In the Mufti Sharia section for the sons of the tribe, which is open to shareholders – Majahim, the large caravan of Saeed al-Minhali with its owner Mabgoud Omar Owaid took first place, while the city came second to its owner Mohammed. Saeed Kalban al-Mansouri is suspended for third place by its owner Ali Mohammed Owain Calf al-Mahri, fourth place for Masona owned by Abdullah Awad Abdullah al-Menhali and fifth for its owner. Ahmad Salem Saad Al-Mahri.

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Yesterday morning, the camels participating in the Mafrid runs entered the Sharia and Talad streams for the Sheikhs and the tribes, and for the pure crosses, the results of which will be announced today.

This morning, the camels participating in the Haqqiqat rounds of the local and mahahims will be among the holy places and the mountains of their heights will be among the streams of the Sheikhs and the sons of the tribes and the breeds of pure hybrids, whose results will be. Announced tomorrow.


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