April 2, 2023

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Mikaty asks Kardashian to "appreciate Lebanon's interest" and "make the right decision".

Mikaty asks Kardashian to “appreciate Lebanon’s interest” and “make the right decision”.

Last night, the National News Agency reported that Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikadin, in his call with Information Minister Jorge Kordahi, called on the United States to “take the right decision to reform Lebanon’s Arab relations, in the national interest.”
Mikati consulted with Lebanese President Michael Aun on developments.
In the wake of the actions taken by Riyadh in the wake of Lebanese Information Minister George Gordahi’s statement, Lebanon should stop all imports, summon its ambassador in Beirut for consultation and leave. Lebanese ambassador to it within 48 hours.
Mikoti asked Lebanese Foreign and Immigration Minister Abdullah Bou Hibib to stay in Beirut and join the Lebanese delegation attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland to learn about the latest developments and developments and to establish a cell. Manage this crisis that is developing in Lebanon.
Bou Habib announced that he had taken over from Beirut with the co-ordination and consultation of President Michael Aun and Prime Minister Najib Mikati, “We believe that cell management is the key task of bridging the divide to overcome the new unfortunate controversy, because what is happening is not just a problem with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states It is not a crisis, it can be resolved through negotiations.
He stressed that Lebanon is “very interested in opening the way for communication and integration with Saudi Arabia and its Gulf brothers, and urging us to restore better and better relations based on everything that brings us together and brings us closer.”

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