March 29, 2023

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“Camping and Adventure Expo 2021” opens at Al Thaid Expo Center

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With the support of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the activities of the third edition of the “Camping and Adventure Expo 2021” organized by the Expo Center Al Taeh under the auspices of the Expo Center Sharjah will begin on Tuesday. From November 9th to 13th, the event hosts a number of companies and specialty brands in the field of camping, land and sea travel.

Over the five days, the exhibition offers visitors the latest camping equipment, equipment and excursions, outdoor sports and hunting products that add even more fun and excitement to those who love safari trips in all weathers and terrains. Visitors have the opportunity to interact closely with companies interested in everything related to wildlife and interact with amateurs. View a variety of exhibits, including companies with safety and security equipment in a variety of fields, including hunting, desert games, and exhibition companies. Works in transportation for trips including motorcycles and four wheel drives.

The latest safari products

Held under the official sponsorship of Bin Lahej Caravan, the exhibition is eager to offer something new in the world of travel and safari as it features a variety of products and unique innovations in the camp and its distribution industry. Allocating a space within a new set of events and events for those who like traditional collections related to tourism, in which the visitor will be entertained and useful, as well as inform the audience of the latest developments in the world of tourism in general. , And especially the forest, is provided by the selection of tourism companies participating in the event.

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See tourist areas

The exhibition serves as a gateway for adventure and campers to explore the most exciting tourist destinations in Sharjah as the Emirate offers its visitors a variety of adventures and unique locations, with its beautiful scenery, ecological and geographical diversity. And entertainment for pioneers of these activities, from high-quality service components in Sharjah, ensuring comfort and safety for campers and safari travelers, improved road networks and service facilities covering large parts of the emirate.

The “Camping and Adventure” exhibition is open to the public daily from 2pm to 10pm, except Fridays from 3pm to 10pm.