March 29, 2023

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Behind the economy ... the Japanese millionaire in space

Behind the economy … the Japanese millionaire in space

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Mesawa has arrived at the International Space Station to stay for 12 days. It is the latest privately funded astronaut in a year.

Maezawa, the founder of Zuzu, an online fashion retailer, was sent into space with his co-pilot Yuzu Hirano, who documented his flight on a Russian rocket from Pyongyang, Kazakhstan. The three-member crew landed at the space station six hours after launch.

After they boarded, the space station crew, now 10 people, gathered for a short reception in the Russian part of the country, where Mesawa and the rest of the audience chatted with the family via live video call, waiting in Pykonor to see him arrive. Space station.

In 2016, Masawa attracted international attention when it spent $ 57.3 million at auction for a painting by Jean-Michel Pasquit. In 2017, he paid $ 110.5 million for another painting by the same artist. In 2018, he announced his interest in space travel at an event at SpaceX’s Southern California headquarters, where he announced that he would be the first passenger to board the rocket SpaceX, which will carry astronauts aboard the platform with company founder Elon Musk. One day on the surface of the moon.

Maezawa, 46, spacecraft, was announced last May, and he has been training for weeks at the Yuri Gagarin Space Training Center outside Moscow. Maezawa told reporters, “I look forward to seeing Earth from space and floating weightless.” “I’m excited about space travel because there are only the best food and other things he can do on Earth,” he added.

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