August 14, 2022

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Canada ceases to offer unemployment benefits to employees who refuse to receive the vaccine

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Yesterday, Friday, the Canadian Minister of Labor announced that the Liberal government had decided to suspend the monthly salary of the unemployed if they refused to be vaccinated against Govt-19.

Carla Kualtrov added that the decision to suspend payments would remain in effect as long as Canadians’ public health concerns were at the forefront of the country, according to a report by state radio Canada.

The government added restrictions on remittances to the unemployed, federal support for unemployed workers and workers, or reduced working hours for refusing to vaccinate. The new rules do not apply to those with medical exemptions.

Kwaltrov justified the decision somewhat economically because the government wants to ensure that businesses and other workplaces are not closed due to the outbreak of the epidemic, calling on Canadians who have not yet been vaccinated to be vaccinated.

The Minister pointed out that the Canadian economy at the end of 2020 is not like the existing economy at the end of 2021 and that the general measures currently being taken can only support the labor market as the problems are high at present.

“As long as the public health of Canadians in the country is threatened and our economy is threatened, we must keep public health policy at the forefront of the decisions we make in employment, work and the economy,” he added. Kualtrov stressed that he did not know how long the pay cut would last.

The unemployment rate in Canada reached a record high of 13.7% in May 2020, but dropped to 6% last month, 0.3% higher than the rate recorded in November before 2019 (before the epidemic).


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