August 14, 2022

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Mustafa Mahmood abducted the “amateur” star with a “hat trick”

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Fujairah beat Guest City 5-2 in the 13th round of the First Football League (Amateur), and the professional “Wolves” Iraq Mustafa Mahmoud qualified for the tournament by scoring a hat-trick, while Lucas Silva and maid Rashid al-Rashid Kamsi completed, Ninani. Banda scored two defeat goals and as a result, Fujairah scored 19 points.

Al-Jazeera Al-Hamra regained the tone of the victory, inflicting a third defeat on its host Al-Thaid, and defeating it 3-2, with Fabrice, Penny O’Brien, Hugo Alexander and losers, Hosam Lotfi and Tariq Lucas and -Hamra raised his score to 11 points.

Gulf FC continued its vigilance, beating Masfot by two goals scored by Mohamed Abibo and Abdullah Musa, and Musfout player Abdel Rahman Ahmed was sent off in the match, and the “Gulf” winner reached 14 points.

Round matches end tomorrow, Saturday, with al-Hamria hosting its “fourth” match in the East with four heated clashes between the “third” al-Arab “lead” and Thiba al-Fujairah “runner-up”. Ghost derby, and al-Rams al-Badeh take over the team and play al-Daun with Hatta.


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