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“Cannes” is the first time Mona Jackie’s dress reveals what’s under her back .. so she tries to control her chest!


HomelandStarring an Egyptian actress Mona Jackie Bold dress on the red carpet, inside Cannes Film Festival Its 75th twist.

Mona jockey green

Mona Jackie appeared in a long black dress at one of the Cannes festival events, which was characterized by multiple openings in the chest and back.

The Egyptian artist’s dress revealed a new color tattoo, which appeared on the end of his back, the color, its features are not clear, but this is the first time the cameras saw it.

Lebanese designer Mona Sackie’s dress Georges HopecaReturning to the original dress, the Egyptian star modified it to cover more of the chest. She added a black piece of the same material.

Criticism too

However, Mona Saki was not spared the criticism that plagued him Underwear scene from the movie “Friends and Dear”.

Further comments added: “I can not stand you openly.”

Another wrote: “The festival took place because of the slanderous picture she took because you knew this woman had cheated.”

And one follower commented on Mona’s change of clothes: “If it hadn’t happened to her, she would have left him alone, but a brown game like this should have been taken over his brain.”

“Owners or loved ones”

Mona Jackie appeared in most of the clips of the movie, which sparked the scene of her taking off her underwear because it was a night spent with friends. In a classic blue dress. It has a V-shaped opening in the chest. A classic black heel.

Mona Saki plays a married woman named Mariam, who is married and lives in Lebanon with two children and suffers from many problems with him.

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The film revolves around seven friends who meet and play for dinner. Everyone puts their phone on the table. The messages or calls they receive should be fully visible to everyone.

Soon the beginning will turn into fun game scandals and wonder about the secrets of each of them.


On the other hand, the artist is currently showing the image of “Spider”.

It stars Ahmed El Sakka, Mohamed Mamtooh, Tafar El Abidin, Reem Mostafa, Mohamed Lodfi, Ahmed Fouad Saleem, Jackie Fatin Abdel Wahab. It is written by Mohammad Nair and directed by Ahmed Galal.

“The Spider” is their first art meeting 6 years after the release of Mona Saki and Ahmed El Sakka’s last film “Min 30 Years”.

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