February 7, 2023

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Dusty winds affect Jordan for 3 days

GABARNEY – The weather today will be relatively warm in the high mountains today and hotter in other parts of the kingdom, with clouds appearing at medium and high altitudes and the wind moving in a northeasterly direction in the evening. Moderate speeds, occasionally active, especially dusty. In the south and east, this leads to low horizontal view.

According to the Meteorological Department, tomorrow, Saturday, the weather will be relatively warm on the high mountain peaks, with clouds forming over medium and high altitudes, and northwesterly, moderately windy, dusty and dusty east with occasional gusts of wind. Areas, which leads to lower horizontal visibility.

On Sunday, the weather will be relatively hot in the high mountains and hot in other parts of the kingdom.

On Monday, there will be a slight rise in temperature and the weather will be hot in all parts of the kingdom, with mild to moderate winds blowing in the evening, especially in the Padia areas.

Today the maximum temperature is 34-20 degrees Celsius in eastern Amman, 32-18 degrees Celsius in western Amman, 30-18 degrees Celsius in the northern highlands, 31-17 degrees in the Shara, 37-19 degrees in the Padia region, 35-20 in the plains, and 40 in the northern Jordan Valley. 23, and 41 – 25 degrees in the southern Jordan Valley, 41 – 25 degrees in the Dead Sea, and 40 – 26 degrees Celsius in the Gulf of Aqaba.

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