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Capcom hints at more Resident Evil remakes


The Vampire According to a poll released by Capcom, the series may receive more remakes in the future. Responsible entity Vampire The series continues to spawn games in a critically acclaimed franchise, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Arguably, Capcom took one Vampire Continue to the next level thanks to a solid list of highly regarded titles Resident Evil 4 Re-creation. Fans were surprised Resident Evil 9 It will be the next game developed by the company to follow the events brought by it Resident evil village Or if it’s another game in the franchise you get a remake instead. The latter seems likely to win.

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Recently, Capcom fueled rumors about where the future of the series lies, thanks to a survey that asked gamers about their interests surrounding the series. Vampire Cont. I asked players a few questions about the Ambassador Program, Rennet, and the various parts of the franchise, such as the novels, stage shows, theme park rides, and movies. However, one of the ultimate questions is which game to play Vampire Fans of the series want to watch it again. Probably one of the most common answers Resident Evil: Veronica Code.

One of the lingering questions in the minds of fans points to a few possibilities like which game will be the remake next. Resident Evil 5 And Resident Evil Zero. However, many fans want to see it Resident Evil: Veronica Code He further remade it as he established some old characters in the franchise. Veronica Code Connect events Resident Evil 2 Among other games, thanks to the plot Claire Redfield travels to Europe to find her brother Chris. As the plot unfolds, the player learns more about the Umbrella Trials and the return of one of its most famous Vampire villains, with many plot twists that will shape the events of the next entries in the series.

Of course, this light tip from Capcom isn’t enough information on whether or not the next game will be updated Resident Evil: Veronica Code, but remains to be seen. Some think it is more likely Resident Evil 5‘, thanks to a teaser during the post-credits scene Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake It is now out for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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