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Download Pati app latest version for android and iphone with direct link 2023 for free..



Download Pati app latest version for android and iphone with direct link 2023 for free..

What is registration application?

Looking for an app to help you communicate and have fun with your friends? Patti is here for you Record is a casual gaming app with voice chat that offers a fun and interactive new way to connect with friends while playing your favorite social games with registration. You can play a variety of casual games in one app Pati lets you explore a variety of exciting games like Carrom, Ludo, UNO and Pool instead of playing games from multiple apps on your device.

Real-time voice chat With real-time game voice chat, you can socialize while playing games as if you were at an online gaming party, and have fun playing games together. In addition, with real-time notifications, you’ll never miss a message from your friends. MEET NEW FRIENDS You can meet and interact with hundreds of thousands of people locally or around the world. .

Plus, friendly social gaming makes breaking the ice so much easier Find a match and join another player using our random matching system So what are you waiting for patty on whether you want to play some casual games online or looking for a new way to connect with… Friends Download Pati now and try it out .

Download Pati 2023 Application

Badi application is a chat application that combines voice chat and games with friends. This app offers a fun and interactive communication experience where you can call your friends and talk to them through voice chat, while also choosing to play multiplayer games. . You can create your own chat rooms where you can invite your friends to join. Speaking through the microphone, you can discuss various topics and share your thoughts and opinions in an informal and fun atmosphere.

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Additionally, the application allows you to play games with friends in real-time. This app has various games like competitive games, puzzles like being in an online gaming party. Come and enjoy games and card games. You can compete together and test your skills and abilities in games and… race towards excellence.

The application also provides a system for tracking points and statistics to evaluate your progress using the Pathi application and achieve success in competitions. It also offers a new fun and interactive way to interact with friends while playing social games. Strengthen friendship bonds with your friends and voice chats and games. Bring them all together in a private chat room. Enjoy chatting and playing games together.

Basic information about downloading the latest version of Pati app

Name of the application Record
Developer Padi app
Download Tamil Free
Size 170MB
Assessment 4.8
liberation iphone/android
Application type It allows you to interact with your friends and have fun

Importance of Downloading Padi App for Android and iPhone

Badi’s voice chat and gaming app is an important and useful tool for several reasons:

  • Voice Communication: Voice communication through padi application is considered closer and more realistic than text messaging. You can talk to your friends and express your thoughts and feelings in a very clear and communicative manner.
  • Group Play: Badi app allows you to play games simultaneously with your friends cooperatively. It creates an interactive and fun experience where you can talk and collaborate with your friends while playing and enjoy the excitement and competition together.
  • Building Relationships: With Pati app, you can spend fun and meaningful time with your friends. You can make new memories, strengthen social bonds and develop strong and deep friendships.
  • Entertainment and Relaxation: Pati app lets you play your favorite games, chat with your friends and enjoy your time with digital entertainment.
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In general, downloading a voice chat and gaming app with friends for phone is useful for more detailed communication, entertainment and creating beautiful and strong memories with your friends.

Download Pati app latest version for Android and iPhone with direct link for 2023 2

How to Download Pati App from Mediafire

  • First download the article at the bottom of our website and explain it to me.
  • Second, click the blue box, and if you’re downloading from Media Fire, it’s clear to download.
  • Third, after downloading the app, install the application.
  • Fourth, when you are done (downloading the Pathi application), install it and then open the application, the installation is almost complete successfully.

How to download from Google Play

  • First, click on the download link below the article from Google Play.
  • Second, install the app.
  • Thirdly, if you have problems with the download link, go to Google Play, then search for (pati) and install it on your phone through our website

Benefits of Downloading Pathi Mobile Application 2023

Badi Gaming App is a mobile app that provides fun and interactive features to play games and voice chat with friends. Some Notable Features of Pati App:

  1. Play with friends: You can invite your friends to play games with you in real-time. The app allows you to create private rooms to play with your team or against another team.
  2. Voice Chat: Provides you voice chat feature while singing and playing. You can communicate with your friends, coordinate and schedule easily with real-time voice chat.
  3. Group of Games: The app has many categories of games. Whether you like war games, adventure games or spy games, you can find a variety of games to enjoy with your friends.
  4. Gaming Statistics: Padi allows you to track your gaming statistics, know your progress and improve your performance. These statistics include the number of wins, losses, progress in levels and more.
  5. Social: Badi lets you connect with your friends, follow their updates, send messages, and share your photos and videos. Additionally, you can recommend games and challenges to your friends and join a community of players who share the same interests.
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Using Pathi app, you can enjoy group gaming experience with your friends and communicate with them through voice chat. It is an app that allows you to engage in challenges and fun with your team and create new memories in the world of sports.

Pathi Mobile App Download Links

Download from Mediafire

You can download it from Google Play

Download for iPhone

In conclusion, I hope you find this article about downloading Pati application for Android useful. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading friend and thanks for taking the time to download our padi app. Hope you like it. Easy to use and effective. We’d love to hear what you think about it, so please leave a comment or contact us directly if you have any comments or questions.

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iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Kuwait, Al-Ghanim 2023. Can I get it in installments?



iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Kuwait, Al-Ghanim 2023. Can I get it in installments?

iPhone 15 Pro Price maximum In Al-Ghanim, in Kuwait, many asked about him; This is due to their desire to buy the latest version of Apple phones while making sure to buy from a more trusted source. Mention the iPhone in Xcite Alghanim and whether it can be obtained in installments or not.

iPhone 15 Pro Price maximum In Kuwait, Alkhanim

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X-cite Alghanim is one of the most important stores specializing in selling electronic products in the State of Kuwait. It offers an array of latest releases from the most prominent international brands, including iPhone phones, and here we specifically mention the iPhone 15 Pro Max prices as follows:

Storage capacity


Prices are in Kuwaiti Dinars after discount

512 GB



256 GB



1 TB

Silver gray

587,900 (No discount)

512 GB

Silver gray

514,900 (No discount)

256 GB



512 GB



256 GB


442,900 (No discount)

Are installments available at Xcite Alghanim Kuwait?

In the previous paragraph, we showed the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max phone on Xcite Alghanim, as we explained, there are some categories with big discounts, but in addition to these discounts, the store offers the possibility of installments. Al-Isra Finance starting from 5 Kuwaiti dinars per month through easy installments or plan.

The repayment period is up to 60 months, and knowing that there is a grace period for the first payment of more than 6 months, the customer can pay the installments through the branches or through the website.

Installment conditions at Xcite Alghanim Kuwait

In order to ensure that Xcite Alghanim Kuwait customers can purchase various electronic devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it is worth noting that certain conditions and documents must be met in order to accept the installment request. as follows:

  • For Kuwaiti customers, purchases can be made in installments through Social Rewards.
  • Kuwaiti customers must present a valid civil ID and proof of salary identification.
  • Non-Kuwaiti customers are required to present residence ID card, copy of passport and salary identification certificate and their authorizations are valid.

Contact Xcite Alkanim Kuwait

It is worth knowing that if a customer has any queries regarding the purchase or installment method at Xcite Alghanim stores in Kuwait, he can submit his query to the customer service team through the following methods:

It may be said here that this article has already reached its conclusion; This is after we provide the most important information that is of interest to everyone in Kuwait who wants to buy iPhone 15 Pro Max from Xcite Alghanim.

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Home Colors New Huawei Phone Prices… “Compete with Mid-Range Phones”



Home Colors New Huawei Phone Prices… “Compete with Mid-Range Phones”

New Huawei Mobile Prices

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How to turn off iPhone when stuck? My phone is on hold and I don’t want it to shut down.. what is the solution?!



How to turn off iPhone when stuck?  My phone is on hold and I don’t want it to shut down.. what is the solution?!

How to turn off iPhone when stuck? My phone is on hold and I don’t want it to shut down.. what is the solution?! One of the technical problems with smartphones and other devices is turning it off, turning it back on, and restarting it. This also applies to the iPhone smartphone. If your iPhone is stuck, you can try restarting it. But what to do if the phone does not respond to the restart button, we will show you later.

How to turn off iPhone when stuck?

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iPhone stuck on black screen and circle (loading screen) is a problem problems It usually appears when trying to update the mobile phone or when there is a system error iOSSo, iPhone 8 usersX/11/12/13/14/15 They may face this problem while updating their phones to the latest operating system iOS 17.

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using a cable USB.
  • Open a program Inventor If you are using Mac platform macOS Catalina Or open a later version or program iTunes If you are using a device Mac With an older operating system Catalina or a computer running Windows.
  • Search for iPhone in the program Inventor Or iTunes.
  • The process of restarting the iPhone must be repeated, this time instead of seeing the Apple logo, the recovery mode screen will appear.
  • You have to wait for the device to update your iPhone and click “Update” and now the system will update iOS Reinstall your phone or it.
  • Note that if the process takes more than 15 minutes, step 4 must be repeated to re-enter recovery mode.
  • Wait for the process to complete

My phone is on hold and I don’t want it to shut down.. what is the solution?!

If you know how to turn off an iPhone while it’s on hold, there are a few steps you can take if the iPhone is on hold, which include:

  • Press the volume up button once.
  • After Clicked On that day button Reduce size the sound Once One.
  • There should be pressure with Continuity On that day button power up to He appears Symbol Camel On that day Your screen.

Reasons for iPhone Freezing

It should be noted that there are many reasons that can lead to iPhone stuck in all different versions and they are as follows:

  • Your iPhone should restart.
  • It could be because the battery is low.
  • Because the storage space on the device is limited.
  • There are many applications that are not compatible with the computer.
  • Your operating system is out of date.

Many iPhone users face many problems, the most important of which is the phone hangs and stops working, which has various causes, and this problem can be easily solved.

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