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CEO of Dubai Media meets Bahrain’s Minister of Information


During their visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, the CEO of Dubai Media, Mohammed Sulaiman Al Mulla, along with the Managing Director of Media Content Department at Dubai Media, Salem Palyuha, the Minister of Information of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Dr. Ramzan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, and discussed ways to improve cooperation with him. In various fields of media work, especially media exchange and training, and ways to build capacity between the two sides. Highlighting Dubai Media’s multi-channel and platform experience and the advanced media services it offers, the collaboration model contributes to the delivery of creative media products and supports the efforts of the two fraternal countries at the development level. .

During the meeting, the Minister of Information welcomed the visit of the CEO of Dubai Media Incorporated to the Kingdom of Bahrain, which comes within the framework of the historic ties of brotherhood, love and cooperation that bind the two brotherly countries and peoples. He emphasized that Bahraini-Emirati relations are witnessing continuous growth in light of the strong ties between the leadership and people of the two countries, and the mutual interest in reaching these relations to heights that meet common aspirations at all levels. “Dubai Media” and plays an effective role in providing services. Media with high competitive levels and quality standards, noting the continued cooperation between media organizations in the two sister countries, expressing its desire to benefit from further coordination and expertise. Both sides.

Muhammad Sulaiman Al Mulla Dr. Ramzan bin Abdullah expressed his happiness at meeting Al Nuaimi and emphasized that Emirati-Bahrain relations are an example of strong brotherly ties. He said: “The United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain are linked by historical ties, the roots of which stretch back decades. Shared visions between the two countries have helped their growth and development, as the relationship is based on stable elements based on common culture, social and historical heritage,” the two brothers said. The relationship between the countries has resulted in a rich reality of cooperation in various fields, including trade and economic exchange. He praised the state of the media in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the significant growth it is witnessing, its high-level capabilities and its commitment to expressing the true Arab and Gulf identity and values. The Kingdom is committed to further development and mainstream media. He wished for progress.The department emphasized the importance of relationships linking Dubai Media with companies.

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The Dubai Media Group, along with the Minister of Information and several officials of the Ministry, visited the new studios of the Ministry of Information and News Department, where they were briefed on the technological and artistic development of these fields. The delegation also asked for a detailed explanation of the state-of-the-art equipment available in the television and radio broadcasting departments, the role of each department in serving the media message of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its efforts to articulate the Kingdom’s policy.

The delegation expressed its appreciation for the advanced levels reached by the media in the Kingdom of Bahrain in terms of form and content and the modern capabilities it enjoys in the field of media work comparable to the most modern international media channels. Bahrain praised the media workers and their outstanding skills and creative energies. Capable of providing cutting-edge and exclusive media content, Bahrain Media represents a pioneering school with a unique identity professionally, wishing the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people continued progress and prosperity.

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