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Cheapest Health Insurance Company in UAE


The National Company is considered as one of the cheapest health insurance companies in the Emirates, and although the company offers its services at a cheap price, these services are high-quality services and try to provide everything that the original citizens or citizens of the country need. Foreigners, and its service is available worldwide except the United States, and the insurance costs eight hundred Emirati Dirhams.

Cheapest Health Insurance Company in UAE

Health insurance is considered a very important thing for all the citizens of UAE, so some people try to find cheap health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi and get what they need from the insurance provided by these companies. So, let us explain. The following are the cheapest health insurance companies in Emirates:

  • AXA Insurance Company is one of the best insurance companies in Sheikh Zayed area. It provides health insurance to people suffering from chronic diseases.
  • Dubai National Insurance Company This company offers a wide range of insurance services such as car insurance, health insurance and property insurance.
  • Al Ain National Corporation is considered as the cheapest health insurance company in the Emirates, has many branches across the UAE, and enjoys great trust among many customers.

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Features and Benefits of Health Insurance in UAE

Cheapest Health Insurance Companies in Abu Dhabi

Health insurance in the UAE is considered one of the mandatory things for citizens to do. So, while undertaking this procedure, you should choose the cheapest health insurance company in UAE and reliable companies that provide the best kind of care to their customers. , we will explain some of the benefits of health insurance in UAE below.

  • Insurance companies provide free treatment to insured citizens, but the insured must have his own policy number while visiting the hospital.
  • The company bears all the expenses of the patient's stay in the hospital whether pre-treatment stay or post-treatment stay.
  • Medical examination, which is given to the persons holding the document.
  • This insurance is applicable to all categories.
  • The rent is paid for the room in which the patient stays during hospitalization.

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How much does health insurance cost in the UAE?

The person contracting with the company pays five hundred UAE dirhams every year and the contractor receives an insurance sum of one hundred and fifty thousand UAE dirhams.

How much does health insurance cost for Abu Dhabi residents?

The cost of insurance for workers in Dubai is two hundred and twenty five thousand UAE Dirhams per year.

Am I allowed to buy health insurance?

It is not allowed in UAE.

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