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Chelsea’s big bus collides with city train


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The match between Manchester City and Chelsea was the Blues’ last attempt to reduce the rift in the lead and prevent City from advancing towards the Premier League title, but the dream of former “Blues” Belgian son Kevin de Bruyne was killed 20 minutes ago. The end of the match with a long shot.
If former Portugal coach Jose Mourinho had led Chelsea he would have been accused of stopping the bus; Because that’s what Chelsea coach Thomas Duchess did against Big City.
The British press added: “There is no bus big enough to stop the City players’ attacks from everywhere, and the 12th consecutive victory of the Citizens overcame all sorts of problems from the Covit-19 to the pressure. Holidays, and the fact that Spain coach Pep Cardiola’s team is getting better and better as the season progresses is a new fact at their opponents’ table.
Cardiola tried to give his star Jack Grealish more of a chance; The record belongs to the summer contract, but the ingenuity belongs to the experienced Raheem Sterling, who tortured Chelsea defender Marcos Alonso, while German rudder and Spaniard Asbilicuta controlled the movement of Grealish.
Dochel won 3 times against City last season, including the European final, but could not match City’s possession by his team at the summit on Saturday, adding: “We will not give up, but if City win every game, no one can. Catch him.”
Duchess can only blame his players: “Our attackers must show themselves more in the opponent’s penalty area, you are a Chelsea player, there is no place to hide” was the clear note of Belgian striker Romlo Lukaku, who launched an attack against City. It failed after the ball was sent to Hakeem Jiech.
And Tuchell continued: “Sometimes Lukaku have to serve others, he has created a lot of opportunities and better chances to score, and he’s not successful, of course we want to serve him, but he was part of a team and the first half of our attacking performance would have been even better. ” After City’s defeat by 13 points more than the Blues, Chile fans criticized the close conversation between Lukaku and his teammate De Bruyne. Some said: “Lukaku is never ashamed. Conversation with an adversary would not have earned him the days of Diego Costa who rocked our web at Stamford Bridge.”

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