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Live Broadcast | Tour of the capital Amman and scenes of heavy rain with the Arab Weather Representative Amir al-Qaf | Weather in Arabia


Arab Weather – The Kingdom of Jordan began to be affected by the new depression from early Sunday morning, and was classified as a tertiary measure of the pressure associated with the Arabian weather.

As a result of the flow of cold polar winds from Siberia to the region, the kingdom is affected by the new barometric pressure classified as tertiary and is associated with the gradual cooling winds that pass through the kingdom during the day. Affected at night by cold polar winds blowing behind:

Sunday Weather Forecast:

  • The frequency of rainfall intensifies, so that this rainfall is high in the central regions, including the capital Amman, and causes the flow of valleys and rocks and rising water levels, especially in low-lying areas, and it may develop. Torrents.
  • The rain is accompanied by hail and sometimes mixed with snow in the mountains.
  • Snowfall is expected in parts of eastern Badia (al-Ruwaish, al-Safawi, the international road connecting Baghdad, the Jordanian / Iraqi border, al-Tufyana and Umm al-Qadin). Rainfall with polar winds.
  • Before the evening falls, snow is expected to fall and begin to accumulate in the high mountains of the Tafila Governorate.

Sunday Night Weather Forecast:

  • The kingdom is affected by the cold and dry polar winds that blow from Siberia into the region, including the kingdom.
  • A sharp drop in night temperatures below zero degrees Celsius in many parts of the kingdom.
  • At the beginning of the night the weather will be very cold and partly cloudy with a chance of rain in the south of the kingdom, God willing.
  • In addition to the peaks of the Karak Mountains and the Shara Mountains (Tafila, Shabak, Wadi Musa, Mubarak, Ras Al-), snowfall is also expected in the southeastern Badia region. Naqab and Naimat villages up to rum height)
  • At midnight, there will be snowfall over narrow geographical boundaries in separate areas.
  • Later in the night, the chances of rain weakening, the clouds dropping, the weather becomes very cold in most areas and strong waves of snow and ice occur in most areas, including the outer and inner roads.
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