February 7, 2023

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"Chemo doses are declining."  Sumaya Al-Alfi reveals the progress of her battle with cancer (video)

“Chemo doses are declining.” Sumaya Al-Alfi reveals the progress of her battle with cancer (video)

Thank you for your interest in reading the message “Chemo dose is declining”. Sumaya al-Alfi reveals the progress of her battle with cancer (video) on our website with details now.

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazar – Artist, Sumaya Al-Alfi, has been reassuring his fans about him as he has been unwell for the past few days.

This happened during a telephone interview with journalist Rami Ratwan on the “Evening TMC” show on the TMC channel.

Somaya Al-Alfi said: Thank God, everything is going well, now I take less than a week, and the immune system is starting to regain its strength because chemotherapy first affects the immune system.

Sumaya al-Alfi underwent surgery late last year to remove a cancerous tumor in her breast and lymph nodes.

Somaya al-Alfi accidentally discovered his disease, which found a tumor in his body, which made him tired, so he underwent some tests and analyzes, through which he diagnosed his disease.

Sumaya al-Albi’s last appearance was through a picture released by her son artist Ahmed el-Fishawi, which states that she appeared to be kissing his hand.

Ahmed al-Fishawi recently sent a message to his mother and posted his picture on his Instagram account: Best Artist Sumaya Youssef Al-Alfi, My Mom, You are the best of all needs.