June 2, 2023

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China has cut diplomatic ties with Lithuania over Taiwan

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that the country had reduced its diplomatic relations with Lithuania and expressed “deep dissatisfaction” with Vilnius for allowing Taiwan to establish what could be considered an embassy there.

“Lithuania has ignored the official position of the Chinese government, underestimated the general situation of bilateral relations and ignored the basic rules of international relations,” Taiwan has allowed to set up a representative office in Lithuania, according to a statement on the official Foreign Ministry website. .

The statement said China was urging Lithuania to “fix the error as soon as possible.”

In August, China demanded that the Baltic withdrawal of its ambassador to Beijing, and that Taiwan’s office in the city be renamed the Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania, following Taiwan’s announcement of the withdrawal of its ambassador to Vilnius.

Other Taiwanese offices in Europe and the United States use the name Taipei, avoiding referring to the same island that China claims as its territory.

China has stepped up efforts to limit or cut off other countries from their transactions with Taiwan. Only 15 countries have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan.


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