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Explore the mysterious worlds in The Hunt for Planet B.


An idea will send you into the existential rabbit hole. But I like to look at the universe and think of all the possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Astronomers have not yet discovered a solar system like ours. Of the thousands of known exoplanets, none compare to those in the cosmic backyard. But scientists have begun to scratch the surface of these planets outside the solar system. The next step is to look inside them.

If you’re interested in exploring other worlds, watch “The Hunt for Planet B” air on CNN on Saturday, November 20 at 9pm ET.

Following NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, scientists plan to launch the world’s most powerful space exploration center.

Violation of the force of gravity

After a delay of several years, the web telescope is scheduled to be launched from French Guiana on December 18. Will explore aliens in new ways Take a deeper look at the universe than ever before.
The The name of the telescope is not without controversyMany believe that NASA will change that.
Exoplanets live in webs in the atmosphere, some of which are habitable. For those who have submitted questions about the mission, we have done just that Looking at the answers of the experts.

The Web is ready to understand the origin of the universe and to answer important questions about our existence, such as where we come from and whether we are alone in the universe.

Other worlds

Oh, the places to go on the internet! The telescope looks at various objects in the distant universe, such as stars, galaxies and planets in our solar system, but also associates many of the heat with outer planets.

Once launched, the telescope will be set up for several months, ready to take observations at a distance of one million miles from Earth. Then, The magic begins.

The lab is set to look at the TRAPPIST-1 system, which includes seven Earth-sized exoplanets orbiting a cold dwarf star 40 light-years away.

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But astronomers are eager to explore other mysterious asteroids between Earth and Neptune. There are no known planets in our solar system – but they are the most common asteroids in our galaxy. Now, scientists want to know how they came to be.

Across the universe

Scientists agree that Planet B does not exist for mankind. We must do all we can to maintain the earth because they say so We have only one world.

But in hindsight, this is a question that confuses astronomers: what will Planet B look like?

Some believe that on earth it will be a real twin, where life develops just as it does.

Others believe that we will learn that life develops in different ways. Looking at the diversity of extrasolar planets around different types of stars, it does not seem to have been taken that far.

Then there is the very interesting idea: What if life on earth did not begin?, But somewhere else?

Wonderful creatures

Elena Hershey Douglas is photographed with her dog Sock.

If you were working from home during the outbreak, your pet will be accustomed to extra quality time – the anxiety of being separated becomes more and more difficult when you return to the office.

Elena Herskie Douglas, an animal-computer communications lecturer at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, is beginning to change that with DogPhone. Unlike other pet technologies, DogPhone allows dogs to call their owners.

Hiding a sensor inside a ball, he tested his invention in a black Labrador Retriever bag. When the ball is moved, it initiates a computer video call. The The results are promising.

Marine Secrets

It’s time to dump her and move on. Before daylight fell into permanent darkness in the depths of the ocean, this area was as mysterious to us as space.

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The more researchers learn, the more they realize that the animals that live in them play an important role in regulating the Earth’s climate. Here, beautiful and exotic creatures move up and down every day.

There is a great lawyer in this area: Director James Cameron.

“It acts like a giant carbon pump that pulls carbon from the atmosphere into the deep sea,” Cameron told CNN. That’s all This is one of the many reasons why he wants to protect this area, The largest living creature on our planet.


Take another look:

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