January 30, 2023

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China is intervening in the border of the Ukrainian crisis and mediating

China is intervening in the border of the Ukrainian crisis and mediating

“We support and encourage all efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis,” Chiang told reporters at a conference. “The urgent task now is to prevent tensions from escalating or escalating.”

Xiang spoke as the second commander after the leader Xi Jinping, After the conclusion of the annual meeting of the Chinese legislature, is primarily responsible for overseeing the world’s second largest economy. China still opposes sanctions because they would “harm the recovery,” he said. International Economy“.

“It is not in anyone’s interest,” Chiang was quoted as saying by the Associated Press. China It is ready to make its constructive efforts to maintain world peace and stability and to promote growth and prosperity.

He reiterated China’s insistence that “it pursues a policy of independent peace and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations must be respected.”

The Chinese official concluded his speech by saying, “The objectives and policies of the United Nations Charter must be taken into account and the legitimate security concerns of all nations must be taken seriously. China will carry out its own assessment and work with the international community. It plays a positive role in restoring peace in advance.”

She was Beijing It has previously said it would send $ 791,000 worth of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including food and daily necessities, while continuing to oppose sanctions on Russia’s military campaign and pledging to continue regular trade and economic cooperation with Russia. Moscow.

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