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Study: Emotion provided by dogs … may be therapeutic


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A new study published in “PLOS One” magazine on Wednesday suggests that a four-legged friend sitting in the emergency room next to patients for only 10 minutes could make it easier. Their suffering.

The study’s results give some hope to patients and health care providers who are frequently affected by low resources in the midst of the “Govit-19” epidemic, and support the long-held suspicion of dog lovers around the world that dog affection cures all diseases.

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“Studies show that pets play an important role in our health in a variety of ways,” said Colin Dale, a leading research team at One Health & Wellness and a professor at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Both man and beast are strengthened. “

The study asked more than 200 emergency room patients to estimate their pain level from 1 to 10 (10 highest pain levels). The control group did not intervene in the treatment of their pain, while participants in the other group were treated for 10 minutes with one dog, and the study reported that patients reassessed their pain level.

Decreased levels of pain were found in those who visited the dogs.

Dog affection .. treatment
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Jessica Zubek, a senior researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Research in Washington, DC, who was not involved in the study, said there was still a lot to learn about dog treatment.

“The results of the study are promising,” he added.

Dale hopes to stop asking if treatment dogs are effective in the medical environment and start asking how to help them and better coordinate them with health care groups.

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In the hospital

Dog affection .. treatment
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In fact, the emergency room experience increases patients ’pain. Erin Pickwell, who has suffered from chronic pain all her life, says strong light, long waits and anxiety can make you feel bad in the emergency department.

“This is not the place for you to enter a comfortable and quiet room and receive specific therapeutic interventions,” he added.

Some people have the misconception that using dogs for treatment can spread disease and affect the health of the hospital, but Dale said there are many ways health care providers can use them to make the whole system better.

Mike McFadden, a nursing coach based in Canada, explains that he sees a lot of potential in integrating dogs into treatment as part of a comprehensive approach to treating pain in the emergency room.

He added, “Having dogs for treatment not only benefits from providing support to the patient, but also contributes to the comfort of caregivers.”

At home

Dog affection .. treatment
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Michael Cognon, an associate professor of psychology and health studies at the University of Saskatchewan who was not involved in the study, noted that pain can be viewed as a physical and social experience.

Cognon noted that anxiety, depression, support or exclusion can all have an impact on how one experiences pain. Spending time with someone who makes you happy and respects your feelings can help you feel better.

Bigwell said he personally experienced it with a 10-year-old dog who suffered from arthritis and autoimmune disorders.

“I’m in control of the situation, and when I receive this unconditional support from my dog ​​I feel less panic and anxiety about the severity, duration, and everything related to it.”

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