March 23, 2023

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China’s chaotic actions are contrary to its quiet rhetoric

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Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said on Friday that China’s “dangerous” actions were contrary to its talk of promoting peace and prosperity in the region.

This happened after the Chinese navy monitored the voyage in Australia’s exclusive economic zone.

Dutton cited examples of China’s actions against its rhetoric, including the militarization of the South China Sea, its recent hostility to Taiwan and the enactment of a national security law in Hong Kong.

“We all know the repeated assertion that the Chinese government is committed to peace, cooperation and development,” he said in a speech in Canberra.

“However, we see a huge disconnect between words and deeds. We closely follow the Chinese government’s involvement in further worrying actions,” he added.

The Chinese embassy in Canberra distorted Dutton’s Beijing’s foreign policy, misled the Australian people and provoked conflict and division between people and countries.

In August, Australia confirmed that it had observed a Chinese intelligence ship traveling in its exclusive economic zone, but not in its territorial waters.


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