June 1, 2023

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Chinese President Biden has called on the world to work together for world peace

Chinese President Biden has called on the world to work together for world peace

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday told US President Joe Biden that the military conflict was “in no one’s interest” during a phone call with his US envoy seeking to push China out of Moscow following Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

Xi Jinping stressed that “the Ukrainian crisis is not something we wanted to see,” as quoted by the Chinese state-run CCTV television.

“As permanent members of the UN Security Council and the world’s two largest economies, it is in our hands not only to steer Sino-US relations on the right track, but also to fulfill the international obligations we owe. To establish peace and tranquility in the world,” he told PTI. Said during the time call.

According to a brief television report, G said relations between the two countries could not reach the level of military action.

The video call between the two presidents began at 13.03 GMT and continued until 14.53 GMT, according to the White House, which did not immediately release its contents.

Biden called from a high-security “crisis room” from which the United States leads its most dangerous operations and its most difficult negotiations.

On Friday, US Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman outlined the purpose of the call to CNN: “We want the Chinese Communist Party, the most important force in the international arena, to realize that its future is its future. The United States, Europe and other developing and developing countries.” “Its future (Russian president) is not in favor of Vladimir Putin.”

These compliant statements contradict the tone in which Secretary of State Anthony Blingen spoke on Thursday.

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“We are concerned that they will seek to directly assist Russia with military equipment that could be used in Ukraine,” Blingen told reporters. We will not hesitate.

“We are concerned that China is considering providing direct military assistance to Russia,” Blingen added.
This is the clear warning the US has issued to China since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, after Beijing “annexed itself” with Russia.

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