April 2, 2023

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Civilian casualties in Ukraine 227, 525 injured

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As of midnight on March 1, the United Nations Office of Human Rights confirmed that 227 civilians had been killed and 525 injured in the conflict in Ukraine.

In Washington, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Russia’s military action in Ukraine was detrimental to non – military targets, but did not explicitly say that Moscow was deliberately targeting civilians.

“We are closely monitoring what is happening in Ukraine now, including what is happening to the public. We want to focus on it, document it, and ensure accountability among others,” he told reporters.

“Most of these casualties are the result of the use of explosives … including heavy artillery, multiple missile systems and airstrikes,” the UN Office of Human Rights said in a statement in Geneva. Russian military action.

He believes the actual death toll from a week-long conflict is “too high”, especially in government-controlled areas, due to delays in announcing the death toll in some areas where heavy fighting is taking place.

Russia’s military operation has forced more than 870,000 people to flee to Ukraine’s neighboring countries, and the world economy has been shaken as governments and corporations seek to isolate Moscow.


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