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New features for “Safari” users on Apple


According to 9to5Mac, the technology company plans to add Dark Mode Tock to every website in the browser for iOS and macOS.

As the name implies, this feature allows users to set Dark Mode or Lite mode for different websites of their choice, and it works just like the Dark theme provided by Google, where you can set custom themes for Google web pages. Including Google homepage, search results page and search settings.

Feature note found in the WebKit code, and for those unfamiliar, WebKit is Apple’s engine that runs Safari and can be accessed by anyone on Github.

9to5Mac’s report reveals that the company is also working on a feature that provides the option to allow or block conditional popups for specific websites.

Apart from this, the report reveals that Apple is working on a new API to manage the permissions granted to websites to collect cookies, and it is not yet clear when Apple will do so as all of these features are rated “TBA” (to be reported). Roll them up.

Apple is currently preparing to release the iOS 15.4 update for iPhone devices. The tech company last week evaluated the fourth beta for an upcoming update, and with the update of the operating system, Apple plans to bring new functionality to the Face ID feature that allows users to unlock their iPhones using the mask.

Currently, this feature is only available to beta users, and with the new beta update, when you try to unlock your iPhone with Face ID using a mask, you will be asked to “look down” to unlock your smartphone, only the prompt will appear. If you keep your iPhone below eye level.

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