May 29, 2023

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Climate change: Catalonia is suffering from its worst drought in decades

  • Kai Hijko
  • BBC News, Spain

Image copyright Reuters

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The 11th century church was submerged in the waters of the reservoir

Workers, with their small boats, try to dredge fish from a reservoir in the Chao region, with the aim of removing the fish before they die, polluting the water and making it unfit for human consumption.

The water level has dropped to a very low level, reaching 10 percent of the reservoir’s capacity, making it muddy.

After dredging out the fish, the authorities intend to divert water from Chow Reservoir to another reservoir.

“The quality is acceptable in the winter, but in the spring it gets very bad, so we try to divert the water as quickly as possible,” says Samuel Reyes, director of the Catalan Water Agency. “We’re trying to dig up all the fish. In the tank.”