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Climate Change Hell Hasn’t Stopped… After Morocco Earthquake and Libya Cyclone… Algeria Faces 39 Fires in 11 States… Record Heat Wave Warning… Civilian Security: Evacuating Residents… and Countries Preparing for a Natural Revolution


Iman Hanna

Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 05:30 PM

Between the Al Hous earthquake and the hurricane in MoroccoYamIn the Libya and Chile floods, the thin thread that connects all these disasters is that “climate change has become a serious challenge that the world must face together seriously, and with swift action.”

As a result of 39 fires in the forests of 11 states, the world did not take a breath from the horrors that took place in those countries until it was surprised by the flames that engulfed the skies of Algeria.

Many countries are still expecting natural disasters in the coming days, prompting many governments to raise their preparedness to deal with these disasters and contain their consequences.

A scary future

At the same time, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights warned that climate change portends a “truly terrifying” dystopian future in which hunger and suffering prevail.

Volker Dürk criticized world leaders for taking a short-term view when dealing with the climate crisis.

He added: “More than 828 million people will suffer from hunger in 2021. Climate change is expected to make 80 million more hungry by the middle of this century.”

Algeria fire

On the other hand, the National Meteorological Office in Algeria said rain, sometimes accompanied by thunder and hail, is expected in several states. According to Algerian Radio.

These states, classified at the “orange” alert level, include Souk Ahras, Tibasa and Beni Abes. Apart from Oum El Bouaghi, Tebessa, Guelma, Tindouf, Tlemcen, Constantine, El Bayadh, Naama, Blida and Bechar, the expected amount of rain is estimated to be between 20 and 40 mm.

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For the states of Bejaia, Jijel, Skikda, Annaba, El Tarf, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Setif, Mila, Constantine, Guelma, Oum El Bouagha and Souk Ahras, the amount of thunderstorms is 20 to 40 mm. .

At the same time, the National Meteorological Department has declared a heat wave with record temperatures in several states.

Local temperatures will range from 39 to 41 degrees, and today and Sunday may exceed 43 degrees.

States concerned: Boumerdes, Tizi Ouzou, Bejaia, Jijel, Skikda, Annaba and El Tarf.

Warning from Saudi Meteorological Department

Against the backdrop of climate fluctuations, the Saudi National Meteorological Center has predicted rain in Madinah on Sunday.

The effects include surface wind activity and reduced visibility, and the center explained that the situation continued until nine in the evening, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Its consequences in Morocco

In Morocco, the victims of the Al Hous earthquake are still healing the wounds caused by the earthquake on their bodies, which are now open.

Morocco launched a distress call broadcast by media for tents after the region learned of an influx of quake survivors, food, clothing, blankets and other aid.

They pointed out that the region is approaching cold and snowy season, with families lying on the ground and covering the sky, unable to find anything to protect them.

Libya’s losses

Libya is still reeling from the effects of the devastating Cyclone Daniel, with the death toll in Derna city surpassing 11,000, the United Nations announced Saturday. He indicated that the number was expected to rise, while Libyan authorities said the damage resulting from the devastating cyclone that hit the city of Derna had so far destroyed 6,142 buildings, including 1,500..

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The Libyan News Agency, citing a report by the Libyan Emergency Committee, said the number of completely destroyed buildings in Derna city was 891 buildings, partially destroyed buildings 211 buildings, and buildings submerged in mud. Around 398 buildings are estimated.

The total area of ​​flooded and inundated area in Terna is estimated at 6 square kilometers, the report indicated.

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