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Without ignorance, Wales would not have Hassan Madan


Dr. Hasan Madan

The example of the American film director Orson Welles (1915-1985) provides a different example from the one we mentioned in the article “Inspired by the Cézanne Exhibition” published a few days before the American psychologist Carroll was shocked. . S. Tweck was taken by visual artist Paul Cézanne’s work when he visited an exhibition of his early works, and saw much, if not all, of what he would become as a great artist.

As for Orson Welles, he was not yet twenty-five years old when he signed with RKO to produce his first film, “Citizen Kane,” and he had never directed or acted in a film before, so the film became an experimental project. He rebelled against the established norm.From the traditional methods of directing the film, especially the production company that gave it creative freedom and did not restrict it to any templates, became one of the few films that remained in the vanguard for a long time. After it was first shown in 1941, more than eighty years have passed since its production, and still does. In fact, there are those who consider it one of the greatest things “Hollywood” has ever produced, if not because of the artistic means its director has developed over decades of influence from famous directors. From the beginning, the climax, followed by the ending, it is in direct chronological order. While Welles’s film opens with the hero’s death scene, a newsreel that explains his entire life, he too breaks the rules that followed before him. Using popular heroines to ensure the film’s success, most of the film’s heroes, female and male, are unknown.

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In a televised interview to clarify his opinion on the reasons behind the success of “Citizen Kane,” Welles’ response to a question about the source of his faith in the film shocked us. He attributed its success to his ignorance. Yes, his ignorance, “There is no faith equal to ignorance… because when you master a certain field, you become cautious and hesitant.” When asked how ignorance creates excellence in the way it appears in his film, he replied: “I believed that the camera can create everything that the eye can see or the imagination can create, if you start in the world of film. From the bottom of the professional ladder, you learn all the things and endeavors that photographers reject. ”I did it out of fear that they would be criticized, and in my case there was a photographer who was not afraid of failure. In my ignorance that there are things that cannot be achieved or avoided, I tried to photograph everything I dreamed of (…), only because I did not know that they were theoretically impossible. ».

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