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Climbing 50 stairs daily reduces the risk of heart disease


Researchers have found that climbing about 50 stairs a day can help reduce the risk of heart disease by 20%.

The study, which included more than 400,000 adult participants in the United Kingdom, was published in the medical journal Atherosclerosis.

Study author Dr Lu Gui, a professor at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in the US, said the results highlight the potential benefits of stair climbing as a preventive measure against cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

Experts say that climbing the stairs is more beneficial for heart health than walking 10,000 steps a day. They based this on data collected from participants who were at risk for cardiovascular disease based on family history, genetic risk factors, specific risk factors such as high blood pressure and smoking history, and their lifestyle habits.

Frequent high-intensity stair climbing is an effective way to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and lipid levels, Chi said in a press release.

Step-by-step training

It’s also worth noting that research shows a 32% increase in cardiovascular disease in participants who stop climbing stairs daily.

While it’s great to add a few degrees to your day, experts advise doing so gradually, especially if you’re not used to this type of activity.

A person is advised to consult his doctor before climbing the stairs as an intense exercise activity, especially if he is over forty or suffering from chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

If he experiences shortness of breath or chest pain while climbing stairs, he may need to seek emergency medical attention, as this may be a sign of angina pectoris.

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