August 17, 2022

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CNN: Washington suspends $ 130 million military aid to Egypt

United States

CNN reports that the Biden administration has decided to suspend $ 130 million in military aid to Egypt because Cairo has not complied with human rights conditions set by the US State Department.

The rare move against a close associate comes just days before the January 30 deadline for announcing monetary plans, the network said, adding that the remaining $ 300 million in grants was more than halved in September.

He added that the remaining amount had so far been withheld due to human rights concerns.

“Egypt is the last place where $ 130 million is needed,” a senior foreign ministry official told Congress, and there is a “complete consensus” within the department on Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken’s recommendation not to allow money into Egypt. It will now be assigned to other countries.

Like congressional human rights activists who spoke with CNN, two congressional sources confirmed that they were notified on Wednesday of the State Department’s plans.

State Department spokeswoman Nate Price told reporters Thursday that the funding position had not changed and that Blingen had “not made that decision yet.”

On Thursday, Blingen spoke with his Egyptian Samah Shokri about a variety of issues, including human rights, but did not mention the summary of the call.

CNN said the Egyptian embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment, but a senior foreign ministry official said they had been told they would not receive the money.

While the move is punitive and symbolic, human rights activists argue that this week millions less are selling $ 2.5 billion worth of US weapons and equipment approved by the Biden administration to Egypt.

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Source: CNN