August 13, 2022

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A scientist reveals the vitamins needed when suffering from “Omigran” strain


Alexander Polikov / Global Look Press

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In an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”, Russian scientist Andrei Lomonosov revealed the vitamins and minerals needed for recovery in the case of “Omicron” mutant.

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Foods that support the immune system against the corona virus

The expert notes that when suffering from “Omigran” strain, it is necessary to support the immune system. To do this, you need to include in the diet of vitamin D and minerals – zinc (at least 30 mg per day) and selenium (100 mcg per day), which are less produced in the body in winter.

He says, “These vitamins and minerals help the immune system to function normally. Patients with severe form of Govit-19 have been shown to have low levels of these substances in their body.”

The expert advises to take these products in the recommended doses. As for vitamin D, there is a clinical study that according to it the positive effect of this vitamin on the speed of recovery from the disease is 5000 international units, and this effect is not found when taking 1000 international units.

Lomonosov points out that for the health of the immune system, you should follow a healthy diet, eat fruits and vegetables, and avoid eating processed foods, ready-made foods and fast foods.

Source: “Izvestia” newspaper

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