June 4, 2023

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Coalition destroys 4 Houthi drones

Yesterday, the coalition, which supports legitimacy in Yemen, blocked the fourth Houthi Booby-trapped march in Yemeni airspace.

He also announced yesterday that his forces had intercepted and destroyed 3 booby-trapped drones in Yemeni airspace.

Coalition forces intercepted and destroyed a stumbling drone in Yemeni air early in the morning. Moments later, the Coalition announced that its air force had intercepted and destroyed a second Booby-trapped drone. Hours later, coalition forces intercepted and destroyed a third Booby-trapped drone in Yemeni airspace.

The coalition represents an increase in hostility by Houthi militants, with efforts to target civilians. “We are taking operational measures to protect civilians and civilian goods from hostile attacks,” he stressed.

Just hours after a coalition backing legitimacy in Yemen destroyed a mobile site for launching booby-trap drones in Sanaa, the destroyed launch site in Sanaa was used to launch two drones at Eba Airport. The Coalition confirmed that it had a target at the launch site in Sanaa.


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